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Plantation Shutters

A classic design that will never go out of style. 

​Plantation Shutters are a work of art on their own. They are as much functional as they are a prized focal point in the home. We offer both faux-wood and real wood shutters in a variety of colors, stain, and design that create a truly custom built look to your home. 

Scroll down to see what makes our shutter shopping experience unique and what shutters costs or click below to schedule a free consultation. 

Why Shop With Us?

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We understand that you want an investment in your home that will add value, give you privacy, make a comfortable living space and last many decades. Plantation Shutters do all these things plus add energy efficiency. 

We also realize that varying specifications such as panel configuration, mounting technique, hardware option, frame type, and tilt mechanism make the process of shopping for shutters complex and daunting. Getting these specifications right is equally as important as strong construction materials and a beautiful paint or stain finish. 

Oklahoma Window Shades, Shutters, Blinds has years of experience backed up with the fact that we install all the shutters we sell. This sales plus installation concept allows us to have quality control from the specification all the way to a spectacular finished product. 


What Makes Our Shutters Better?

Our wood shutters are made from furniture grade hardwood and come in a standard 19 paint colors and 15 stain colors. We can even custom match both stain and paint if needed to achieve that perfect look.


The panels we use are made using large mortise and tenon joinery which makes a much stronger panel than the dowel pins other manufacturers often use to build their shutters. We also use an adjustable tension system so your louvers will never struggle to stay at the angle you set it. There is nothing more frustrating than a shutter that will not stay open. We also install ball and socket latches which are completely hidden so there are no plastic magnets that are unsightly and break often. 

Are plantation shutters new to you? Next we will cover some basic features to help you better understand the components and options available. 

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Shutter Basics

Screenshot 2021-02-16 171246.png

Our shutters come in two basic materials, real hardwood or vinyl.


Hardwood shutters are available in either painted finish or a stained finish. To the left, you will see the color options we carry. Of course, custom colors are also available along with knotty and distressed looks. 

Faux-wood (or vinyl) shutters are made form an engineered material and come in a select number of painted finishes.


Because of our manufacturer's affordable yet sustainable forestry practices we can offer painted hardwood shutters at the same price as faux-wood shutters. The main reason we tend to use faux-wood shutters is for a room that stays particularly hot and/or humid such as a bathroom. 


Hardware options include several hinge colors and even a hidden hinge for a clean appearance.


Typically we match hinge colors to other hardware in the house (e.g. faucets, drawer pulls, door knobs/hinges) for a traditional look. When it comes to white or off-white painted shutters, a matching white or black hinge makes for a very modern aesthetic

Screenshot 2021-02-15 214129.png

Tilt Mechanism

Screenshot 2021-02-16 171008.png

There are different tilt mechanisms available. Traditionally, plantation shutters used a wooden tilt rod to operate the louvers. This is a very elegant look that add dimension and intersecting lines to the shutter. Growing in popularity from a more minimalist design, a hidden tilt mechanism is a great way to change a shutters appearance to a much more modern look. 


Divider rails are used on larger shutters to divide the louver sections and provide strength to the shutter panel. Divider rails, also pictured on the left, can be put at a custom height. Shutters most often look the best from the outside when a divider rail is placed at a natural location on the window such as a sash or light divider. As one of our team members often says, a divider rail not in the correct location can "make your brain hurt" when looking at it from the outside. 

Louver Size

Although there are several different louver sizes available, 3 1/2" and 4 1/2" are by far the most popular. For a café style look the smaller louvers (1 1/4" and 2 1/2") are a great choice. And for extremely large windows a 5 1/2" louver looks fantastic.


To get and idea of size, a regular sheet of paper folded long ways is about the width of a 4 1/2" louver and folded in thirds on the short side is about the size of a 3 1/2" louver. 

Screenshot 2021-02-15 214016.png

What do Shutters Cost?

Due to the custom nature of our shutters, we would need to take measurements and pick the features listed above to give a truly accurate quote. 

Nevertheless, we are able to give some general pricing guidelines on some common window sizes. Keep in  mind these prices are rough guidelines to what you might expect shutters to cost and certain features may have surcharges associated. When you shop with us, installation and shipping is always free!

Frame Style

We are proud to offer a very wide selections of frame choices on our plantation shutters. We have everything from smooth and simple to ornate and dashing. To us, the frame really set the style of a shutter above all other features. Though there are a lot to pick from, often the construction of the window helps guide us to a frame that will make your shutters look outstanding. 


We can fit doors with shutters whether it be a French door, patio door, or garden door. We can even construct shutters that move on a track for sliding patio doors!

A lot of other window treatments require either covering the arch or not getting full privacy, this is not the case with shutters. If you have arched or eyebrow windows in your home, shutters are one of the best options to retain the beauty an and still have functionality.  

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